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The FLEXIT™ Planter Story

One day a few years ago, I was sitting in my suburban Detroit backyard. Our outdoor space included several acres of grass and mature oak trees. It was a beautiful and serene location populated by squirrel, raccoon, deer, chipmunk, and an incredible variety of bird life including the ladder-back wood pecker, robin, finch, and black-capped chickadees. On that particular spring day, in May I think, I had just finished potting flowers for our window boxes and had settled in a lawn chair to enjoy the arrival of spring and the advent of summer with a chilled barley beverage. As I relaxed, looking upward into the canopy of sky-scraping one-hundred year old oaks, a question occurred to me—how cool would it be to plant flowers and greenery in a semi-circular box that could conform to the different sizes of trees in my yard at whatever height I found pleasing? The thought began germinating in my mind, and then it began growing. Today, a few years later, the FLEXIT™ Planter is a reality. We take pride in Garden-Aire being American owned and operated, and that FLEXIT™ Planter is made in the USA. I hope you like it.


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