HugIt™ Planter is easy to install in just a short time. If you aren’t a diagram person, see our Video Tips here. Start with the basics and then watch any others that apply to your situation. Vertical
gardening is fun and saves a lot of wear and tear on one’s back because the planter is at a convenient height.

You do not need tools to use this product.

Each planter comes with a long enough SmartStrap to fit around a 14 inch diameter or any equivalent shape. On larger vertical structures you can connect two SmartStraps to span the distance. Be certain your bracket is secured before setting on a full planter.

HugIt™ Planter works the same way as on a round object. You attach your bracket flush to the side of a smaller square post or on the corner of a larger square post. Be sure your bracket is secured properly, the buckle is centered on a flat side, and the grip bands line up behind the back corners. For video tips on this subject start here for general instructions and here for specific examples on square structures.

The locking mechanism on the buckle requires it to be oriented with the teeth facing out. In that position, the strap will hold tight when pulled through. To loosen a locked buckle (always be sure to take the planter down before adjusting the strap in any way), simply pull up on the buckle tab.

Be sure you have the Grip Bands on and in the proper position. This will keep the planter from sliding down on slick, smooth verticals. You can also use the Grip Bands like belt loops to stow any excess strap. For video tips on this subject, see here.

The beauty of HugIt™ Planter is that you can move it as often as you like. First remove the planter box and set it aside. Never move or adjust a bracket/strap when the weight of the planter is on it. Then loosen the bracket and SmartStrap by pulling up on the buckle and feeding through excess strap until you free the unit. You can now start installing again as described above.

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